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Looking to Nature: Why Geothermal Research Is Critical For Our Future

The world that we are on is resource that will eventually be completely consumed. If we plan on staying here and actually living, we need to be smarter about our choices and decisions.

The Need for Energy

We will always need energy. We need it to power the very things that keep our lives going as smoothly as possible. Our presently most used source of energy would be oil and nuclear power. While oil is a naturally occurring resource, it is a finite one. Meaning, it’s going to run out eventually. Nuclear power is unstable and can be extremely volatile—if there was anything we learned from the Fukushima disaster of 2011.

What we need is a truly naturally occurring and truly sustainable source of energy. Right now, a majority of those in the energy production district are very interested in trying to move on to the next big source of energy. There are existing naturally occurring sources of energy that we are already using such as solar, hydro, and even wind power. These are established ones because they require very little in terms of research and are usually considered to be ‘safe’ sources of energy. However, what experts believe we are ignoring is the very rock that we live on.

Geothermal Energy

This simply refers to the energy that comes from the heat of our planet. The core of our planet is a molten mass which is why we have Volcanoes and volcanic explosions. Geothermal energy is considered to be a wholly sustainable source of energy. The trouble with this is that it will usually require delving down into the surface of the earth to find pockets of sustainable and naturally occurring heat.

Since geothermal energy will be clear and sustaining, there are issues with corporations that are heavily invested in energy sources like coal, oil and nuclear power. Here is why we believe geothermal research is critical:

The present sources of energy are too expensive

While a lot of people are starting to turn to solar energy, not everyone can afford to have the panels installed. Energy and power is something that everyone needs to have access to in order to have human living standards.

The present sources of energy are going to run out

We’ve mentioned that oil and coal aren’t sustainable. This is something that we need to place emphasis on. We all need to find sources of energy that will be enough to satisfactorily sustain all of us and not just a few.

Think About It

It is only a matter of time before we deplete our natural resources in our quest to keep things going as they presently are. We need to find better and naturally sustaining sources of energy. If we want to leave a better world for the upcoming generations, we need to be smarter and start the foundation toward better sources of energy that benefits everyone.

With that in mind, why do you think geothermal research is critical for our future?


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