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Starting Them Young: Why the Youth Is the Key to Effective Marketing

Any field of expertise or profession that wants to make it past this generation and into the next one must know they need to involve the youth. Today, let’s talk about why the youth is the key to effective marketing. In the history of advertising, it has always been established that if you wanted a parent to buy something, you target the kid.

This universal truth still rings true. Actually, it is truer now than ever before. We believe that the youth are wholly critical to effective marketing. This is because:

They Are the Consumers of the Future

A lot of marketing campaigns are launched targeting those in the age of late 20s to early 40s—that would make sense since this would be the age bracket of present earners. However, a lot of people do not realize that it is the early teens to early 20s that will determine which businesses and services will survive the future.

In the era of connectivity and social media, the youth reign supreme. A single post from someone they admire is enough to affect the stock of a company that was once perceived to be infallible. We’re talking about the slip that Snapchat’s stocks have taken since the hard to use update which continued when they erred and had an insensitive “would you rather” question about Rihanna.

No matter how strong your perceived market is when the youth decide that you are not worth keeping around, you can expect to fold up within the next few years.

They Introduce Elders to the Product

There has always been an existing disconnect between newer technologies and the elders. You know who connects those dots: the youth. They guide those older than them toward understanding the newer concepts that have been introduced.

We’re talking about the kids that had to teach their parents how to FaceTime. We’re referring to the kids that had to teach elders that Amazon pretty much has everything. It is the youth that will determine which facets of technology will be useful for their parents or distant elder relatives and make their recommendations accordingly.

They Perceive Things Differently

A lot of marketing executives fail to recognize the fact that the youth aren’t governed by practicality or the ‘best buy’. Every generation, like the one before it, have always been interested in what secures them better experiences and provide suitable boost in their status amongst peers.

It will be the marketing executives that understand that that will be able to effectively harness the latent strength of the youth.

Think About It

It is the youth that will be able to effectively connect the past and the future together in a seamless dot. When it comes to the survivability of your product or service, you need to ensure that the youth are well aware that you exist and they understand why your existence is valuable. The kids and the teens have always been one of the driving forces in the world of consumerism.

With that in mind, why do you think the youth is the key to effective marketing?


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