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The Monster App: What Marketing People Need to Learn From China

China has always been rather secular when it came to their information, businesses, and even their technology. What is also called the “Great Firewall of China” has kept a rather stringent lock over what they do not want you to know. It is no secret that China guards its image very carefully. They want no news of anything negative or harmful to ever see the light of day.

Their policy has always been China first above all—this was very clear when it came to the service that it afforded its citizens. If the World Wide Web was a vast ocean, the internet sphere in China can be comparable to the mythical depths of the Loch Ness. It is deep and heavily separated from all other bodies of water. As they are separated from the rest of the world, China had to come up with their own forms of the apps that we all widely utilize.

If you think that made China and its development weaker, you’d be dead wrong. Their separation from everyone else birthed a monster of an app. If it was comparable to anything in popular culture, it would be the One Ring from the Lord of the Rings. Their monster of an app has everything that they need from chatting with one another, hailing a ride home, paying bills, and pretty much everything else. It’s a one-stop shop app that successfully crosses the boarders of most other apps that know.

Think of it this way, we need about twelve apps to get everything we want done. China only needs one app. So when it comes to marketing, what do marketing execs need to learn from China?

Cooperation is Necessary

In order to satisfy the needs of consumers, businesses need to be able to work together. Back in the day competition was very stiff and it was pretty much unheard of that two competing businesses would help each other out. In China, regardless of if the business that the consumer is looking for is your competition, you service them anyway. You do not in any way restrict the information that would benefit the consumer.

Whole Connectivity is the Future

China enjoys a no-frills and uncomplicated app because they understand that it is better for them to have everything all in one place. Western sensibilities can’t quite grasp that since it’s mostly capitalism first and foremost. Marketing execs need to learn that a complete package is better than selling off the parts bit by bit.

Think About It

While the other parts of the world doesn’t have such strict firewalls that restrict the app options, it certainly feels like we are all against each other with ads that try to get a leg up over the competition. Instead of thinking of the consumer, most marketing campaigns are geared toward making the business look all sparkly. It’s all form and very little substance.

With that in mind, what do you personally think that marketing people need to learn from China and their monster app?


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