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10 Features Any Great And Affordable HR Software Platform Should Have

In this modern age, it is important that HR managers realise that software can be their friend and is not the enemy that’s hard to figure out as they see it. Although it is admirable, it is not actually recommended that you try to do everything on your own or by hand. For one thing, even if it saves you a little money, it will slow down your operations and prospects for growing your business. When you choose to use HR software for help, you open yourself up to many great benefits.

However, thanks to the wide array of different HR software solutions available at the moment, it can be hard choosing the one that is right for you. There are various features you should look for when choosing the affordable small business HR software. We highlight ten of the most important below.

Tax and Payroll

One of the main features you should look for when deciding on HR software is whether it can handle taxes and payroll. For example, determine if you are able to use it for full integration of your own company’s practices for filing taxes. As payroll is a key area of HR, any HR software you choose needs to have this aspect covered.

Managing Absences and Sick Leave

When you are trying to do it by hand with paper records, it can be very tricky keeping track of absences and sick leave. Most good quality HR software solutions will have some kind of system for managing absences built into them. It is also advantageous to the running of your business if you can find a piece of software that also has a system for managing attendance too. This makes it a lot easier to track your employees so that you know who is supposed to be at work and who is not supposed to be there.

Reminder Emails

Reminder emails is a great feature to have in HR software. This can be used in a variety of different ways, such as contacting your employees regarding any unexplained absences they may have on their record or any important company events that are taking place. Although it is not a particularly big feature, it can help to improve the efficiency of your business.

Support And Training

Does the HR software platforms you are interested in, provide training for all of the people who are going to be using it? Will various members of staff at different levels be able to log in easily to receive training, if necessary? These are important questions you need to ask when looking at HR software, as it is crucial that you find a software that everyone who needs to use it will be able to. You also need to assess the kind of support options that are provided to you. If anything goes wrong with the HR software, is there a support service established to help you out? If there is you know then that the software you are looking at is good value and will serve your company well.

Good Capabilities for Reporting

You should also look for HR software that has good capabilities for reporting. You should have the tools necessary to produce bespoke reports. Concentrate on finding out how detailed the reports that a system generates are and how quickly it takes to create them.

Tracking The Process Of Employees

Employee tracking is another handy thing to have built into HR solutions. You should be able to easily manage your employees’ progress, making sure their work is of a high standard at all times and just generally tracking how they are progressing in the company. This is especially helpful if you are looking to  expand and constantly improve on your company as you can use it to identify the employees who deserve to pushed forward and those who are perhaps needing additional training or motivation and are maybe restricting the company’s progress.

Creating Schedules

Any good HR software solution worth it’s money should have some kind of system for creating schedules.  This is indispensable when it comes to organising things such as shifts, rotas and meetings for your employees, among many other things. You can utilise it to increase the productivity of your team by using software rather than an offline, by-hand method. It also ensures that your business operations are well-organised. Having software that includes schedule creation and reminder emails means you can use both to send out emails to your staff with their upcoming shifts highlighted.

How Fast Is It?

When it comes to any kind of software, one thing we think you should always consider is just how fast it works. It may sound like common sense but it’s worth mentioning that if the software is slow, it may slow down your business. Ideally, you should look for a software that can run on virtually any PC, particularly the ones you use in your office or workplace and that it is quick and effective. On the

Has It Been Designed With The Future In Mind?

You also need to look at whether or not a piece of software has been designed with the future in mind. Will it be able to stay relevant and effective as trends and advancements progress? Or could it become irrelevant and outdated within a few years? If it does, you will have to find a different, better and advanced software. So, when looking, pay close attention to how often the software is updated or upgraded, as you are going to save a lot of money further down the line if you only have to install simple upgrades every so often or, even better, the software updates itself.

It is also recommended that you find a software that can be expanded to cope with any growth your company may experience. You want to know if your business grows, will your HR software be able to grow with it.

How Flexible Is It?

Last but not least, you need to find an HR software that is flexible. For example, will you be able to use the platform on a variety of different devices? Not everyone has the same phone, tablet or computer, even within the same firm – and if your HR software is only compatible with a one or two devices, it restricts the amount of people who can access it and use it. Which is not only impractical but inefficient.




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